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Diagonal plows for tractors and loaders

Optimal snow throwing with the revolutionary collission avoidance mechanism​

Snowek AA-series Diagonal plows and PA335 Butterfly plows are new kind of diagonal plows for snow removal on urban pedestrian and bicycle paths, road networks and outdoor areas. The novelty of the Snowek diagonal plows is based on the advanced and patented collision avoidance system. When facing an obstacle, such as manholes or rocks, the spring weighted plow moldboard simultaneously moves up and back and returns the plow on the new surface.

In addition to the safety and avoidance functionality, the weighting system allows operator to press down the plow and thus reduce bouncing of the wing in high speeds. Snowek diagonal plows can be mounted with farming tractors, real estate maintenance vehicles and wheel loaders. 

Snowek diagonal plow features

Snowek diagonal plows come with bolted base machine adaptors which makes it easy to swap the base vehicle but keep going with the Snowek plow

Tired of your plow manufacturer dictating which blades you can choose? Snowek plows are equipped with standard cut cutting blades with a standardized hole split. This gives you a variety of options after the snow plow purchase.

All Snowek plows are powder-coated and equipped with bolted adapters, standardized blades and other parts. This makes repairs and service works easy.

Snowek Diagonal plow models​

Technical specifications

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These features are included in every Snowek diagonal and butterfly plow

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