360° rotating pick-up sweeper


360 degrees rotating collecting sweeper attachment

Efficiency for sweeping of yards, streets and industrial areas

Snowek Circulus – 360 degrees rotating pick-up sweepers are new generation tools that significantly improve the efficiency and manoeuvrability of sand and leaf collection.  In only 5 years in the market, Circulus has become Scandinavia’s most wanted sweeper attachment due to its unrivalled speed, efficiency and flexibility. 

Snowek Circulus sweepers from the spring campaign now directly from stock:

Delivery time
Circulus C1901 week
Circulus C220M1 week
Circulus C2201 week
Circulus C2503-4 weeks

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Snowek Circulus features

Thanks to rotation, sweeping with Circulus is both safer and more efficient than with traditional bucket sweepers.

The operator can always rotate the sweeper device to the exact angle he needs for the optimal performance.


Bristles in Circulus sweepers are easy to change and does not need special tools. in addition, lip plates are bolted and daily service points can be accessed easily.


Advanced floating system ensures that the bucket follows the surface accurately and thus guarantees the sweeping quality.

Wide support wheel, rotation system, bolted wear parts also on sides and flotation system all come as standard and make operation of Circulus sweepers stable and quick to learn.

Circulus bucket sweepers can collect a lot of debris at once. Up to 1.8 cubic meter buckets together with a possibility to maneuver the bucket while sweeping takes the efficiency to a next level.

On top of the traditional spring cleaning, Circulus sweepers can be used on milling sites and autumn leaves collection.

The ease of maintenance has been thought also with the lip plate structure. Manhole hits and other wear out does not damage your bucket but instead a quick replacement bolted lip-plate. 

All Circulus sweepers are made of robust steel structures powder coated separately. This gives Circulus sweepers the market’s best aftermarket value.

Snowek Circulus models

Technical specifications
Working width (a)1900mm2200mm2200mm2500mm
Total width (b)2160mm2530mm2530mm2830mm
Max height (c)1500mm1500mm1770mm1770mm
Depth (d)2070mm2070mm2450mm2450mm
Working width, one sidebrush2200mm2500mm2500mm2800mm
Working width, two sidebrushes2500mm2800mm2800mm3100mm
Brush disc diameter (OD)700mm700mm900mm900mm
Container volume570 l / 950 l 750 l / 1250 l1100 l / 1800 l1250l / 2000l
Hydr. requirement (min), with high pressure dust control55 l/min55 l/min55 l/min55 l/min
Hydr. requirement (min), with standard watering45 l/min45 l/min45 l/min45 l/min
Hydr. working pressure160 - 230 bar160 - 230 bar160 - 230 bar160 - 230 bar
Brush rotation (max)250 - 300 rpm250 - 300 rpm250 - 300 rpm250 - 300 rpm
Water tank volume250 l 250 l330 l330 l
Water consumption, standard watering7 - 10 l/min7 - 10 l/min7 - 10 l/min7 - 10 l/min
Water consumption, high pressure dust suppression3 - 5 l/min3 - 5 l/min3 - 5 l/min3 - 5 l/min
Base vehicle, recommendation (operating weight)4,5 - 8 ton kg7 - 11 ton kg9 - 16 ton kg11 - 18 ton kg
Standard equipment

These features are included in every Snowek Circulus


Optimal performance with the following accessories

Customer experiences

Snowek Circulus images

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Snowek Circulus

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Considering Circulus for the first time?

Why to replace a traditional pick-up broom or collecting sweeper with a Circulus?

The past 20 years contractors around the Northern Europe, Central Europe and North America have become accustomed to use a product called collecting sweeper attachment or a pick-up broom for their sweeping duties. If a more traditional choice, a collecting sweeper, is what you are looking for, check out Snowek K-series for the product fit. 

However, already in our home market Finland after launching the Circulus line the product has swept through the nation for spring cleaning contracts. Now also  increasingly in other Northern European markets high performing contractors and city maintenance units have looked for more efficient products to carry out street and area sand cleaning. 

Why do so many contractors swap away their relatively new collecting sweepers to a 360 degrees rotating Circulus sweeper? 

1. Superior collection capacity

Compared to traditional collecting sweepers the brush – bucket geometry for rotating Circulus sweepers is significantly improved. Many of the market’s most sold collecting sweepers such as large Snowek K-series sweepers or similar competing products have an efficient collection capacity of maximum of 500 – 700 litres, while with large Circulus sweepers you reach over 1100 liters collection capacity. This means significantly less time spent on dumping procedures and significantly more brush rolling.

2. Superior maneuverability 

360 degrees rotation makes the sweeping work simply a joy. Whether you are reversing in a parking lot or sweeping along a curved street – the Circulus gives you a position to deliver a great performance with one pass. No surprise your operators’ simply love Circulus in mechanical sweeping.

3. Speed

Snowek Circulus is the only gritting sand sweeper that picks up sand both driving forwards and backwards effectively. With the rotation and the larger container capacity you also achieve greater speed in operations by saving time in dumping and transporting to dump location. Last, the praised Circulus floating mechanism allows increased sweeping speeds.

4. Money

Snowek Circulus comes with all the money-saving efficiency features. But even more the smart design has made the costs of production moderate compared to the benefits it delivers.

Snowek Circulus sweepers are available in the market for similar price range as the upper-grade collecting sweepers with all key features included. With proven multiple times faster sweeping operations, the Circulus has gained the market popularity faster than only rare equipment can do. Join the Circulus family.