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Railroad sweeper for track excavators

Year-round sweeping of snowy rail areas

Snowek Ferrovius, a brand new high end product in Snowek portfolio was designed with the railroad contractors in the snowiest parts of Finland. The high level torque for even wet snow, the perfected maneuverability and workday-improving standard equipment such as track cleaners, track rail picks and lip plates for snow pushing are all coming as standard with Snowek Ferrovius. 

The cassette snow brush shaft will give you optimal snow throwing capabilities in all conditions.

Snowek Ferrovius features

Unlike regular sweepers or boom brushes – the Ferrovius railroad sweeper is designed for the professional duties including heavy snow clearing. 

The hydraulic motors of the Ferrovius sweeper deliver a sufficient rpm level for high performance sweeping but even more crucially, the motors are designed to carry on high continuous torque in order to get you going through the winter day. Regular broom hydraulic motors won’t endure the snowy piles, but Ferrovius will do the job.

The Ferrovius body is continued with a lip plate that is ideal for opening the untouched snow where you need to get started by pushing first. 

Ferrovius sweepers are equipped with a track rail tooth, that you use for clearing the rails from ice, snow or dust and sand.


The Ferrovius sweeper is equipped with track cleaning scraper blade 

The Ferrovius sweeper is equipped with a robust 

All Ferrovius sweepers are made of robust steel R3 structures powder coated separately. This gives Circulus sweepers the market’s best aftermarket value.

Snowek Ferrovius models

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Snowek Ferrovius

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