Snowek Rotary Brooms​

Professional-grade rotary sweepers

for loaders, tractors, skid steers and road maintenance vehicles

Snowek AH-series rotary brooms provide cost-effective cleaning of sand, litter and snow. Brooms are excellent choices for efficient sweeping with wheel loaders or large farming tractors. AH-series rotary brooms can be equipped with either a traditional water injection system or with a modern high pressure dust suppression system.

Snowek AH series are available in 4 working widths from 2,5 – 3,3 metres.

Snowek AH brooms are recommended to over 3,5 ton wheel loaders, agricultural tractors, municipal loaders as well as for trucks and municipal vehicles.

Snowek AH-series features

Powerful shock absorbers together with +/- 10° horizontal float and 30cm vertical float keep the sweeper steady in all conditions. When the floating is combined with the clever dragging-positioning of the broom, the AH series deliver excellent cleaning result.

Snowek AH Series are designed with a chain driven power train. Because there are no motors on the sides of the broom, the broom can reach close to walls, bridge railings and other obstacles. Also thanks to middle-driven functionality, maneuverability is simple and stable.

Advanced floating and shock absorber mechanism as well as the geometry of the sweeper, ensure that bristles wear out evenly. In addition bristle change takes less than ten minutes, thanks to the motors located in the center of the broom roller.

We know, how crucial it is to make the broom durable and stable to sweep! All Snowek AH brooms starting spring 2017 are equipped with top quality motorsports-like adjustable shock absorbers.

Snowek-designed high pressure dust suppression technology is popular also for dust control with the AH-series. Decrease in-sweeping dust by over 80%!

Rotary brooms can be equipped with an integrated water tank with 270 liter capacity. This water can be sprayed out either by using normal watering system or high pressure dust suppression system.

Oil lubricated chain together with power line wear parts ensure that Snowek rotary brooms are build to last. In addition bolted mudguard parts are easy to replace after collisions. All broom parts are powder coated to ensure maximum durability and aftermarket value.

Snowek AH-series are commonly mounted with trucks and municipal vehicles, such as Unimog.

For mounting Snowek delivers either a standard or a sideshifting parallelogram.

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