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Articulated V-plows for loaders, tractors and municipal vehicles

Snowek articulated plows are an excellent choice when you need to clear snow from many different-sized areas and when you need to plow through heavy snows. 

In the V-position, the plow is ideal for clearing forest roads thanks to its positive blade angle and optimized wing pattern. In the inverted position, the plow can be used to effectively gather snow over larger areas. When used in the straight position, V-plows works as an effective snow pusher that rotates snow with lighter push. Clearing roads and driveways is quick and easy. 

Snowek articulated plows are designed to be used on farming tractors, real estate maintenance vehicles and wheel loaders.

Snowek V-plow features

Snowek V-plows articulation and the optimised turning body structure, mean that the plow comes over 25 cm closer to the cab compared to the other products in the market. 

This plays a significant role in maneuverability and stability when operating V-plows especially on tractor front loaders.

Wide rotation angles decrease the transportation widths.

Snowek V-plows are delivered with horizontal and vertical floating mechanism of the snow plow. This ensure stable push, optimal and precise surface tracking and minimizes the use of traction materials. 

The Snowek plows are famous for their “No Freeze” four point floating system. Each four top links are operating without the fear of floating mechanism of the blade to get frozen. 

Snowek advanced trip edge  has been designed to ensure absolute safety, firmness and minimized wear out. 

The spring system behind the plow blades is sturdy and makes the plow easy and stable to push. 

Plain bearing sleeves in V-plows removes possible gaps and significantly increase the service life of dowels.

All Snowek plows are powder-coated and equipped with bolted adapters, standardized blades and other parts. This makes repairs and service works easy.

The spring system behind the plow blades is sturdy and makes the plow easy and stable to push. 

The same electronically controlled hydraulic valve can be used with all vehicles. In addition, the number of hoses can be changed afterwards without changing the valve.


Snowek V-plow models

Technical specifications
Model Max width A B C D E F Weight G H
N240 2400mm 1900mm 2000mm 1720mm 780 mm 1100 mm - 500 kg 38° 2000mm
N260 2600mm 2060mm 2160mm 2060mm 850 mm 1220 mm - 600 kg 38° 2100mm
N280 2850mm 2250mm 2350mm 2250mm 870 mm 1345 mm - 660 kg 38° 2200mm
N320 3200mm 2470mm 2600mm 2470mm 1050 mm 792 mm 692 mm 750 kg 38° 2450mm
N360 3600mm 2800mm 2900mm 2800mm 1130 mm 915 mm 792 mm 910 kg 38° 3000mm
N390 3900mm 3000mm 3100mm 3000mm 1150 mm 915 mm 915 mm 950 kg 38° 3150mm
Standard equipment

These features are included in every Snowek V-plow

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Snowek V-plow

Snowek V-plow

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