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Bucket Sweepers

High performance bucket sweepers for loaders, skid steers and tractors​​

Robust advanced sweeping tool for industrial, municipal, construction and milling site applications​

Snowek bucket sweepers are a simple and efficient solution for sand and debris sweeping in industrial sites, harbors, sawmills and asphalt construction sites.

When driving forward bucket sweepers collect efficiently large debris and the cleaning result can be finalised sweeping backwards. Snowek bucket sweepers are available in four models with working widths of 150cm – 270cm.

H-series are recommended for 3,5 – 25 ton wheel loaders, agricultural tractors, municipal loaders and skid steer loaders.

Delivery times for new products:

ModelDelivery time
Bucket sweeper H1501 week
Bucket sweeper H1801 week
Bucket sweeper H2201 week
Bucket sweeper H2701 week
Snowek kauhaharja h220, sweeper, pick up broom
Milling sites
Industrial & worksites
Property yards

Snowek H-series features

Floating mechanism and the large brush discs of the H-series ensure efficient sweeping results also on uneven surfaces.

Simple and robust structure together with high collecting capacity makes bucket sweeper an excellent value for price product for worksite sweeping.

Snowek H-series are known to be capable to collect large piles of gritting sand, stones and debris.

Bucket sweeper can be tailored to meet requirements of every user. For example, pressure washer is handy when cleaning footsteps, parking and a container yards.

The lip wear out plates are standard length and available from variety of bucket blade suppliers. All sweeper wear out parts are bolt-connected, which make them very easy to replace.

The main sweeper roller features a flexible connection, which makes replacing wafer brushes fast. In addition easily accessible daily service points mean less maintenance time and more time on duty.

With a minimum hydraulics output requirement of only 45 l/ min, Snowek bucket sweepers can be used even with small base machines.

Powder coated and sandblasted steel structures a of the H-series sweepers are ideal for even the harshest conditions. For example, milling sites are a very common application for Snowek H-series.

Snowek H-series models

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Snowek H-series

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