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High performance snow plows for loaders, tractors and skid steers​

Snowek U-plows are the right choice for snow removal work in property areas, yards, and large sites, where the greatest snow loading capacity is required. Snowek U-plow’s rolling positive blade angle, wide angling ratio of the plow, 180 degrees turning wings and market leading floating mechanisms make it the most modern and efficient snow removal tool for your contract duties.

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Snowek U-plow features

With the Snowek optimised wing-structure and weight-maneuvaribility balance, you reach efficiency that no other snow equipment can deliver. 

With Snowek U-plow, you are able to get significantly wider plowing width even for a small base tractor or loader. This results with over 40% more snow collecting capability in one pass. The positive blade angle increases this efficiency further, as you need less force behind the plow.

Snowek U-plows are equipped with 180 degrees (170 degrees in U300/U360) turning wings that are also safety valve controlled during your snow plowing operation. The wings give you enormous snowe collection reach forward, and make it possible to use Snowek U-plow also as and effective reversible snow plow in tight spots. 

The main turning body of Snowek U-plows is equipped with the industry’s largest ratio. Turning angle of 38 degrees gives you maneuverability that you cannot find with any other snow removal product. 

Snowek U-plows are delivered with horizontal and vertical floating mechanism for the plows’ full width. This ensure stable push, optimal and precise surface tracking and minimizes the use of traction sand and salt. 

The Snowek plows are famous for their “No Freeze” four point floating system. Each of the four independent top links are literally maintenance-free without the fear of floating function of the blade to get frozen. 

Snowek’s advanced Trip Edge technology has been designed to ensure absolute safety, firmness and minimized wear out. Unlike the most trip edge or floating edge technologies in the market – the Snowek Trip Edge is designed with optimized spring quality and geometrics. This means the system has no unnecessary moving parts but instead provides market leading stiffness and safety where needed.

Snowek’s advanced Trip Edge technology can be also equipped with the Snowek’s Zeus spring system that increases your plows’ enormous stiffness even with hard carbide blades for years to come.

Plain bearing sleeves of the U-plow wings remove possible gaps and significantly increase the service life of the dowels.

All Snowek plows are sandblasted and powder-coated. Sandblasting as a base coat ensures superior paint quality for powder coating. Powder coating on the other hand is significantly more durable coating method compared to industry’s normal wet paint methods. This gives you Snowek U-plow the best aftermarket value.

Tired of plow manufacturers dictating which cutting blades you can mount or use? 

Snowek snowplows are designed with your maintenance and parts replacement in mind. For example all cutting blades are standard length and the plows support for example a range of hard carbide blade options.

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