The high end excavator sweeper


Excavator sweeper for professionals​

Efficiency for sweeping of yards, streets and industrial sites​

Snowek Centaurus -excavator sweepers were developed together with seasonal street and area maintenance contractors  with a range of wheeled excavators. Centaurus works perfectly for both, street areas and industrial sites, worksite post-cleaning and container and recycling plant cleaning.

Snowek Centaurus features

915mm wafer brush discs coupled with the advanced floating give you enormous lifetime for wafer brush discs compared to traditional sweepers.

Centaurus sweepers come, for example, with the world’s fastest brush disc replacement. The brush tubes end with a 4-bolt locking plate, which you unbolt and after that all wafers are removed and new wafers placed in place. Max 10 minutes.

Whether you want to connect Centaurus through a excavator boom quick coupler, a tilt-rotator or a more fixed setup for example with the boom of a boom mower – all this is doable. Get in touch with our sales and we’ll assist you.

Snowek Centaurus models

Tekniske spesifikasjoner
Working width2000 mm2500 mm
Total width2020 mm2520 mm
Høyde1200 mm1200 mm
Børstediameter915 mm915 mm
Vekt410 kg440 kg
Hydr. requirement (min)55 l/min55 l/min
Hydraulisk arbeidstrykk160 - 220 bar160 - 220 bar
Base vehicle, recommendationExcavator, Wheeled excavator, Tractor boom mount

Quick couplers and tiltrotators
Excavator, Wheeled excavator, Tractor boom mount

Quick couplers and tiltrotators
Standard utstyr

These features are included in every Snowek Centaurus sweeper


Standard couplers or tailored mounting

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Snowek Centaurus

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