Excavator brooms

Snowek P-series

Excavator brooms for worksite cleaning

Snowek P-series excavator brooms can be used with any vehicle that has a dedicated boom, such as excavators and backhoe loaders.

Like all Snowek brooms and sweepers, Snowek excavator brooms are designed to be efficient and easy to maintain. Brushes can be replaced quickly, in-built support legs are always ready for use and two hydraulic motors ensure that the broom roller keeps spinning smoothly, even under high stress.

Snowek P-series features

Two hydraulic motors ensure that the broom keeps spinning smoothly, even under high stress.

The parts of the front mudguard are easy to replace thanks to simple bolt connections. In addition support legs can be carried easily with the broom.


One man can change rotary broom bristles in thirty minutes.

The Snowek P-series are equipped with 915mm/36inch outer diameter wafer brush discs.

Snowek P-series are sandblasted and powder coated, which means the paint quality provides you the best aftermarket value for years to come.

Mounting on the standard S-series or NTP series boom couplers.

Équipement standard

These features are included in every Snowek P-series sweeper

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Snowek P-series

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