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360° rotating pick-up sweeper for loaders and tractors

Efficiency for sweeping of yards, streets and industrial sites

Snowek Circulus – 360 degrees rotating pick-up sweepers are a new generation tools that significantly improves the efficiency and maneuverability of sand and leaf sweeping.  In only 5 years in the market, Circulus has become Snowek’s most sold sweeper attachmetn with great customer satisfaction for its unrivalled speed and flexibility. 

In addition, compared to a traditional pick-up sweepers, the road safety increases when operators do not have to reverse to get good quality cleaning result.

Circulus bucket sweepers can be rotated full 360-degrees as many rounds as needed. Rotation is implemented with a gear ring that is powered by a hydraulic motor.

Besides unlimited rotation, Circulus sweepers offers also other new features that have not been seen in pick-up sweepers before. Sweepers have almost 30cm wide rubber wheel that stabilizes the bucket when sweeping, flotation system makes sweeping easy and erosion blades on sides of the bucket increase the lifetime of bucket lip plates.

C190 and C220M models are equipped with bolted adaptors that make it convenient to swap between base loader and tractors. Circulus sweepers can also be equipped with the Snowek’s perfected high pressure dust suppression technology that decreases rising dust by 52% compared to traditional water sprinkler systems. 


Thanks to rotation, sweeping with Circulus is both safer and more efficient than with traditional bucket sweepers.

The operator can always rotate the sweeper device to the exact angle he needs for the optimal performance.


Bristles in Circulus sweepers are easy to change and does not need special tools. in addition, lip plates are bolted and daily service points can be accessed easily.


Advanced floating system ensures that the bucket follows the surface accurately and thus guarantees the sweeping quality.

Wide support wheel, rotation system, bolted wear parts also on sides and flotation system all come as standard and make operation of Circulus sweepers stable and quick to learn.

Circulus bucket sweepers can collect a lot of debris at once. Up to 1.8 cubic meter buckets together with a possibility to maneuver the bucket while sweeping takes the efficiency to a next level.

On top of the traditional spring cleaning, Circulus sweepers can be used on milling sites and autumn leaves collection.

The ease of maintenance has been thought also with the lip plate structure. Manhole hits and other wear out does not damage your bucket but instead a quick replacement bolted lip-plate. 

All Circulus sweepers are made of robust steel structures powder coated separately. This gives Circulus sweepers the market’s best aftermarket value.

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